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Purchase of raw materials

We are interested in purchasing wood biomass.

We will establish cooperation with leading production companies in the wood industry. We provide year-round constant systematic reception of waste products in the form of:

- pure sawdust coniferous and deciduous trees of all fractions - in the dry state and the wet

- sawing waste wood and wood products manufacture in the form of pure - oflisów, edgings, pads, particles.

We have our own plant in containers set counterparty, which, when filled (post-production waste) efficiently perceive and replaced by empty our transport.


If interested, please contact us at the telephone numbers listed in the section CONTACTS .


Our factory uses the latest technology acquisition and processing of organic waste biomass from agriculture and forestry, which we acquire from a group of some local suppliers. Buying our products not only will prevent over-exploitation of natural resources of bio raw materials, but also prevent the pollution of the environment as a result of distant transport of raw materials.


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