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Graf Pellet - Wood Pellet Manufacturer


Suitable for boiler rooms and private homes


High temperature - low ash content




It occupies little space and clean up stores


Do you care about the environment and those around you - negligible CO2 emissions during combustion


It can be used as bedding for pets and livestock


The product of the selected raw material


Comfort, cleanliness and comfort during transport and use of pellets


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Pellets (pellets, pellets, pellets) heating the product belongs to the group of biofuels in which the energy obtained from the combustion of renewable raw materials subjected to granulation.

  • The most common form of this fuel is wood pellet - formed from compressing sawdust, which arise when working sawmill and other activities related to the machining of wood products. Wood used in the production of pellets can be both deciduous and coniferous - there are also more exotic compounds derived from palm wood, coconut shells or even logs and branches lying loose. Pelletyzowana may even be an ordinary green grass, creating a frog pellets.
  • Wood pellets are manufactured by compressing sawdust, which is obtained as a material Transition in sawmills and other wood processing areas. A pulp is forced through die holes to form granules having a diameter of most frequently 6-8 mm (depending on the size of the holes). Friction causes the material greatly heats up to 70 ° C, so soon after leaving the press, the pellets are cooled in a special cooler. The next step is the packing, standard bags, BigBags with a capacity of approx. 1000 kg or less, for example. 15 kg.



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Our factory uses the latest technology acquisition and processing of organic waste biomass from agriculture and forestry, which we acquire from a group of some local suppliers. Buying our products not only will prevent over-exploitation of natural resources of bio raw materials, but also prevent the pollution of the environment as a result of distant transport of raw materials.


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